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we've got a big show for you tonight. first. >> it's hard work. peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the united nations. >> president obama's pushing the palestinians to drop their push for statehood. we'll debate his palestinian platform, plus joe biden's at it again blaming the gop, the lack of job creation. and sarah palin talks about her 2012 plans. >> mark my word, it is going to be an unconventional type of election process. >> we'll give you the details on that and much more. "the five" starts right now. >> all right. our top story, president obama took a brief, brief break from the frantic fundraising campaign today to address the u.n. in his speech, mr. obama confirmed israel's greatest fears, stating
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that he felt, quote, palestinians deserve their own state. meanwhile, check out in the square in ramallah along the west bank where anti-american protesters light old glory on fire. monica, where is the president on palestine? i hear him say they deserve a state, but on the other side, he says, maybe we shouldn't give them statehood? >> i was listening to the president speak at the u.n. and it struck me, this was one of the most infantile speeches i have heard from him in a very long time. he stood before the international community and actually said to the israelis and palestinians, gosh, golly, i wish you guys could put yourselves in each other's shoes. ahmadinejab was rolling his eyes. you don't say that in this kind of forum. the president of the united states looks like an immature joke. that's number one. number two, you showed the flag burning. this president opened the door to this diplomatic crisis one year ago when he stood at that
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platform and said one year from now, i want to see a palestinian state. well, he didn't say with what conditions, what conditions on the palestinians, what concessions he was asking of them, as well as of the israelis, nor did he say in that initial speech that we should be doing this by negotiation. over the last year, last 2 1/2 years, this president has leaned totally on israel with settlements and everything else and not asked one concession of the palestinians. >> let's talk about that. we spent somewhere around 4 1/2 billion dollars over the last 15 years giving direct aid to palestine? is this money going down the drain? what's the point? >> let me ask you a question, how much have we given to israel? >> you mean our ally? >> what are you talking about? we're trying to make the palestinians into allies of the united states. i don't care if you're a republican or democrat, you're trying to get an answer. dr. crowley, you know a lot about this topic, but that was not an infantile speech, that was a genuine american speech in
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which americans say, you know what -- it is hard and especially hard in a region in which we seem unable -- i don't care who you are -- it's so hard. >> let me bring you here. hatch said if you go ahead and plan on even thinking about offering a sovereign statehood to palestine, the palestinian authority, we're going after you. we're cutting off aid. >> when the president said we can't achieve peace through giving statements and resolutions at the united nations, but they do it every year anyway and it's like the whole week of the united nations general assembly is like a progressive dinner party without the progress. and they just go around and around. and i'm telling you, this is a boondoggle. you want to save money, make this meeting every other year because you really don't need it every year. the thing that is interesting about the orrin hatch piece is that they haven't had to do that before to threaten to cut off aid and vote for it in the house or senate because we never
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walked this far up to the line. the other development today was that abbas, the president of the palestinian authority, said he will not heed president obama's request to not call for the vote. and that is a different dynamic. we'll have to see how that shakes out. >> there was some poll that said four out of ten americans have no opinion on this matter. i'm kind of one of them. for americans, the conflict there is like construction on a freeway. you drive by, it's been going on for years, you never see any progress at all. >> that's what i'm saying. >> it's like it goes on forever. >> in other words, it's a union job. >> yeah, there you go. the other thing is, if you want to solve the flag burning, embed human hair in the flag because when it catches on fire, it stinks so bad. >> you point out a lot going on in new york. a lot of things going on and a lot of fund-raisers. president obama had a couple last night. biden was in ohio fundraising.
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michelle obama was fundraising. the guy is on a very, very full fundraising schedule right now. >> the guy is going to raise a billion dollars. >> you think he would be doing things like solving the economy, job problem. >> this sounds like israel-palestine. you say unilateral disarmament? no, no. democrats will raise money and if you think republicans aren't raising money, you're -- i don't know -- >> he's the president! >> and in the first quarter of the year before the election, president bush did three fundraisers. president obama did 31. that's a stark difference. but president obama arguably is going to have a harder race in 2012 than president bush had in 2004. >> and it's going to cost more money. if you look at it's been a steady progression in the cost of presidential elections. three to 31, it sounds like ten times more, but it's a whole different universe, in my opinion. to get to the palestinian
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authority, the palestinian authority and what the president said today, the idea that peace requires compromise? you know, you say that not only to republicans and democrat, but you have to say it to israelis and palestinian. >> what do you think the israelis think about us sending them between 500 and a billion dollars a year in bilateral direct support? >> this has been going on for 90 years. that's like when the rolling stones were good. this will never end. we'll be dead. i got to defend president obama speaking at the u.n. it's like he was like a substitute teacher showing up in front of a really bad class, or traffic school. but with better outtakes. i really can't blame him for looking kind of like why do i have to be here? because that's how i feel. >> when you're at the u.n.? >> listen to president obama today at the podium.
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>> peace is hard work. peace will not come through statements and resolution at the united nations. if it were that easy, it would have been accomplished by now. ultimately, it is the israelis and the palestinians who must live side by side. ultimately it's the israelis and the palestinians, not us, who must reach agreement on issues that divide them. >> that could have been said any decade, by the i the way -- by the way. >> syria has happened, tunisia happened. bin laden is dead. the president has really -- this is a changed period, and yet, this problem persists and it's like both sides don't trust each other and you say, oh, it's infantile to say imagine yourself in the other guy's shoes. if we were married, monica -- imagine you're in my shoes and you're trying to support this family and you would say, oh, i can't, that's infantile. >> if you were married, you would be wearing her shoes.
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>> she wouldn't marry you if you said she didn't have a right to exist. >> the fact is, it's a forced marriage with the palestinians and the israelis. there is no divorce. >> because we're talking about how this has been an attractable problem for decades. the reason is because we talk about peace, there are two different interpretations of peace. what the israelis mean by peace is peaceful, co-existence where you have two states and two people living side by side, not trying to kill each other. what the palestinians, what the islamists running gaza and part of the west bank believe, including abbas, who incites and promotes inciting violence against the jews, their idea of peace is no israel. it's a land without israel. so when you're talking past each other and you have two different interpretations of justice and peace, there is no way you can have a -- >> there is no interpretation of justice that says you can occupy someone else's land. there is no way. >> hang on. dana, peace is difficult. >> speech writing is very hard, too.
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>> how is that speech? rate it. >> i think that the speech did not rise to the occasion. but as greg said, if you have a speech that you could give every single year and there is no progress, it's like on the job thing. remember on labor day? we showed how for every labor day for the last three years he's had the exact same language because they can't come up with anything else to say. >> one thing we need to point out is hamas hasn't been on the parliament of the palestinian authority every year or every decade. that's a new phenomenon and one we shouldn't be supporting financially. coming up, why joe biden says the biggest problem we're facing with job creation right now is that no republicans are even involved, at least you always know you can count on joe for a good laugh and maybe we all need to take a lesson from facebook and how to create jobs. we'll explain that next. don't forget, we love hearing from you, so e-mail us.
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>> welcome back to "the five." one of the highlights about this administration is you can always count on joe biden for a colorful statement. at a fund-raiser in chicago, while explaining why the republicans are responsible and to blame for the lack of jobs growth, he said, quote, you know what our biggest problem is? there is no republican party. the tail is wagging the do dog and they can't control their party. biden also said, obama said, let joe go be joe. of course, we've got a lot to look forward to. i actually find vice president biden very charming. usually your vice president is your attack dog. you could go back and look and clinton had gore, bush had cheney. one of the best attack dogs ever. biden does it in a very special way, i think. but the interesting thing is, to me, when i was looking up the topic today, they're going to say that about the republican party. the problem is, i don't think they can control their own party. the following senators off the
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top of my head on the break i thought of that have already come out against the president's jobs and deficit reduction plan, nelson, tester, manchin, schumer for a different reason. there could be others. where do you think -- >> landrieu as well? >> yes. so you can say that about the republicans, but they've got a big problem with their democrats in the senate. >> yeah, they have a big problem. well, a big deal, right? i didn't say it. i said fing. here is the issue. they've spent around $3 trillion between quantitative easing, stimulus package, trying to stimulate the economy. no jobs were created. in fact, jobs have been lost. we don't know -- >> today bill clinton was interviewed yesterday and he said, i don't think now is a time to raise taxes, nor cut spending. does it hurt president obama
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when president clinton comes out and says something like that? >> yeah, i think it seems like it's contradictory. but the comment that started off this whole segment was vice president biden's comment about republicans and he didn't say anything wrong. the fact is that the tea party has been wagging the republican establishment all over the place and believe me, rick perry as the number one nominee for the republicans right now, he's not the establishment republican party's choice. and you see karl rove, our pal, our colleague here at fox, he's back and forth with perry. it looks like -- >> i think he's being an equal opportunity panelist. as carl's former spokesperson. >> you're very kind. but i'm just telling you that what vice president biden says is all too true about the gop. >> what juan is saying is, it's kind of sad because what biden is doing is his defense, or his endorsement of president obama is look at how bad these guys are. it used to be the original
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slogan was hope and change. now it's you could do worse. >> yeah, that's exactly right. >> but it's kind of sad. >> i have to point out that he also took credit while at the same fund-raiser, he said, don't worry. obama saved us from falling off the cliff, the economy from falling off the cliff. well, if 14 million people out of work isn't falling off the cliff and 3.60 for a gallon of gas -- >> how about 18 million people out of work? look, even by the cbo's measure, an impartial measurer said, in fact, what the president did, that stimulus package, 40% of which was a tax cut, helped to reduce unemployment in this country. >> come on, juan. >> are we now for tax cuts? >> everybody -- who wants to pay taxes? the question is, you don't want to have some people paying taxes at 36% while, you know, other people are paying 15%. >> to monica's take on this. public opinion strategy did a poll because we're talking about republicans and democrats and republicans have a primary
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issue. that's what juan is talking about in terms of going to the right. but that poll today said that independents, who everybody has to try to go after in the general election, are against president obama's jobs and deficit plan by 20 points. can they make that up? >> no. you can't make up 20 points. especially if you're talking about an issue specific thing like the jobs plan or his so-called deficit plan. no, you can't make that up. this is after obama gave a major speech to a joint session. he's gone to the american people as he threatened to do. he's still not gaining any traction and in fact, his poll numbers are going the other way. the bigger point, which i think those numbers reflect, is the fact that president obama and the democrats by large have really been hemorrhaging independents, catastrophically, not just issue by issue on the deficit, on job, on the economy, but also on everything se, on his job approval, independents are fleeing the scene of the accident big time. >> this comes back to what greg was saying. people right now are just like, you know what?
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we're fed up. we're sick of it and it's all about you, president obama. i saw a poll in usa today, it said people still blame president bush, like 36%. but an increasing number say this economy is president obama's. >> a gallup poll that came out five minutes before this show began said that actually it's now 60% independents blame obama as much as bush. so that number has crept up and so now we have the battle set up. >> right. but that's the thing. so people are saying, well, you know what? if i'm an independent, i don't even pay that much attention to politics, but here is what i know. this economy doesn't -- people are losing confidence. >> we want to mention one thing before we go, which is people aren't believing that government creates jobs, but they do believe that the -- they can believe in facebook creating jobs. 182,000 jobs created as people make facebook apps, which i don't really know what that is. >> this is mind boggling. the company that made farmville, which is a game inside of facebook is worth billions.
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this thing, facebook, creates so much wealth while wasting all of our time! how does it do that? it's incredible! it's a wonderful thing. it gets to bring people together in a weird world. >> thankfully they create jobs. meanwhile, obama tried stimulating the economy and guess what happened today? 400 billion more dollars are going to be thrown at trying to stimulate the economy through bond purchases. we just did $600 billion a few months ago. it didn't work. unemployment keeps rising every month. it keeps going up. no jobs created last month. thanks very much. >> oh, stop. you are the do nothing party. that's what you stand for. oh, nobody can help. government should help people. government should try its best. in all the time it doesn't work, eric. >> so try something different. >> they are trying other things. >> this is 400 billion more of the same stuff. >> one thing we learned on this segment is that greg plays
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farmville. >> no, i don't. that's a lie. >> coming up, we have "the five" follow up stories we've been talking about. the two american hikers held in iran are finally on their way home. what columbia university is now doing about their planned dinner dates with ahmadinejab. that's next on "the five." p
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>> welcome back to "the five." so the two american hikers jailed in iran have been released in exchange for a million bucks. the money was paid by oman, a country not the model, married to david bowie. the families say they were
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hiking in northern iraq when they strayed over the unmarked border with iran. like everyone, i'm really thankful they're safe. but hiking in northern iraq on an unmarked border? are you nuts? haven't you heard of yellowstone? it's a great park. in the winter you have athermal feature all to yourself. i don't know what that means either, but it sounds like you could do it in your underwear. or try the capitol reef national park. the least well-known of utah's desert parks. it's quiet. i go there when i'm trying to avoid brian kilmeade. while you're in utah, check out zion national park. they have lovely day hikes and do them won't make you a zionist. my point? every time you hike on the border of something bad, whether it's iran, north korea, or boston, you put yourself in danger and the u.s. ends up dealing with extortionists. so why bother when we have the greatest parks in the world? do us a favor. next time try carlsbad corns in new mexico. they're known for mexican free tailed bats, like ahmadinejab,
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are dark and hairy, but they won't take your money. all right. we're happy they're back. i think we have brand-new video of the hikers getting off the plane in oman. there they are. >> running off the plane. >> here is my question, juan, do you put yourself in their situation and go, what would be the first thing you would eat? like what would you do? like the first thing you do, of course, you would have a shower. >> it's interesting. when my family comes back from these trips, they come back and run to mcdonald's. >> and there is mcdonald's everywhere. so it's not like you can't go to mcdonald's everywhere. >> but they want a burger, man. >> yeah. it's so true. there is no mcdonald's served in prisons, which is where they were held, which is the most notorious and really -- total torture chamber where they were held. there is no evidence that these two or three, when they had the woman with them, were tortured. they look like they're in relatively good health, thank
2:28 pm
goodness. but to your point, recently on twitter there was a hash tag trend, who does that? who does that? and the idea that you would be hiking on an unmarked border -- >> i don't even leave my apartment. >> but we actually pay men and women in uniform that are serving with guns and other types of things, forced protection and everything because they need to be. that's a dangerous part of the world. so you do have to ask the question and i hope that once they're settled and they've gone to golden corral a couple times and fattened back up, they can explain to us what it was like. we don't have any intel on the inside of iran. >> that's a bad idea. that's a bad idea. you know why? 'cause they thought they were saying those people were spies. >> they were! >> were they? >> what? >> if you're going to go to northern iraq -- >> you believe ahmadinejab?
2:29 pm
>> yeah. >> you're an awful man! >> what is on your mind? >> are you kidding me? >> we're joking. >> he's out of control. >> why is oman getting involved in releasing them? why did they pay to release these guys? >> they did that also -- they were the same ones that paid -- who knows, maybe it's a pass through and we use the bank or whatever. i don't know who pays it. >> eric, remember, oman is an ally of the united states. we have good relations with them and look, there could have been some sort of quid pro quo where they step in, they get the million bucks, they get the hikers out and in exchange, they maybe get a new f-16. >> yeah. that's diplomacy. >> now we have to put up an f-16 to get these two yoyos back? >> wait a second. a minute ago you were saying they were spying for us? >> i don't know who they're spying for. just like when people take chances and they go hike on some
2:30 pm
wild trail and get lost and we have to put our rescue workers at risk to go find them and they -- or firemen. >> what about stupidity? >> they were stupid. >> i'm saying, so it might be that they just were -- >> look, they're americans and if it was your kids or my kids, we'd want the united states -- but to greg's point, didn't the guys who -- the ladies who were journalists or something stray over and we went in? >> yeah. >> exactly. >> moral to the story, watch the national geographic channel. watch other people hike for you. that's what i do. i never leave my apartment. >> have you seen the facebook app where it feels like you're walking through the northern border of iraq. >> had they invent that, i'm buying it. >> i think greg has an app like that for sex. >> terrible, man. >> it's a family show. ahmadinejab was supposed to have dinner with a bunch of students from columbia. abruptly canceled because they
2:31 pm
knew they were going to be protests. here is the thing, did they miss a great opportunity to nail him for his home phobia and antifemale beliefs? how about you, dana? >> i wasn't for him coming to the states anyway. if he's going to be here, why not? let him answer a lot of those questions and i'd love to know the back story of all of this, possibly it was that there was a security threat and you don't want to put students in that. >> was it on this show monday? or maybe it was red eye when i said, why can't we kidnap him? maybe it was me? >> you said that here. >> did i? i said, if he's coming, why can't -- they kidnap our americans. why can't we kidnap him? >> that is an ingenious idea and not at all create an international incident. >> your point, greg, and dana, i would agree with it if we knew that those students would be unsympathetic to him and would nail him. how do you know that these aren't a bunch of students who
2:32 pm
might sympathize with him and want to yuck it up. >> but this is america. you know what? let's have the conversation and i think they should condemn him for his homophobia, anti-semitism. but you know, this is the home of the u.n. you can't deny leaders you don't like visas. >> that's why i think this meeting should just end. >> it needed moammar gadhafi. >> coming up, sarah palin makes or maybe doesn't make her own 2012 news. she spoke to sean hannity last night about the presidential race and we'll have that for you next. "the five." the postal service is critical to our economy--
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delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it. >> i'm bret baier.
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in orlando, florida, site of the gop candidate debate on fox news channel. tonight op "special report," we'll tell you what the candidates are doing as they get ready for tomorrow night's event. we will alyze whether president obama can win florida in 2012 as he did three years ago. and we'll also talk with a panel of florida political experts about what voters here in the sunshine state are looking for in a candidate. president obama, meantime, addressed the united nations general assembly today. he expressed disappointment that the peace process between israel and the palestinians has not progressed enough for palestinian statehood. the president meets with palestinian authority abbas in just a few minutes. in the grapevine tonight, how world leaders are living it up while at the u.n. meeting. "special report" from orlando, florida, starts at 6:00 o'clock eastern. now we'll send it back to new york and my colleagues at "the five."
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>> you take that juan? >> i'm back with my country fried folks here. welcome back to "the five." first up, sarah palin. she keeps the rumors alive for a possible run for president. here is what sarah palin said as sean hannity -- on sean hannity last night. watch this. >> in this primary, i think people are still going to be coming and going because there is still time and i'm one of those considering but a lot is going to happen in the next 14 months. mark my word, it is going to be an unconventional type of election process. >> well, sarah palin, in fact, a lot has happened in just the last few days in terms of your poll numbers. this is your life, sarah palin, look at this. all of a sudden, sarah palin's not so far behind the incumbent, president obama. only five points separating them if this was a head to head
2:39 pm
general election race. so does this mean, monica crowley, that sarah palin may jump in after all? >> she might. the conventional wisdom is that it may be too late for palin or anybody else to get in this race. but i don't necessarily think that's true. the filing deadlines for iowa, new hampshire, they're all later. they're like november sometime. and with the internet now, you can raise a lot of money like that, literally overnight. so it's not too late. but i'm not sure she's going to do it. i don't know. i like sarah palin very much. but i will say that this long drawn out tease has got to end because i think her fans are very rabid. they love her. they'll support her. they'll forgive her anything, including a long tease. but i also think she may be losing goodwill with other voters who may be saying, fish or cut bait. either you're going to do this or not and now is the time. i think if she let's this go on too much longer, i think she runs the risk of having it backfire on her. politically, it may be smart because she's not out there taking the slings and arrows the
2:40 pm
way the announced candidates are, nor does she have to disclose her donors. so she has people financing the bus tours that she doesn't have to disclose. >> if you ask republicans right now, there is still half of them that say somebody else come in, please. can i have somebody else run for president? i don't like -- you know how many people will be on stage tomorrow night for the debate because somebody else jumped in today. what do you think? >> here is the thing, this reminds me of the season of "friends." do you remember the one with ross and rachel, were they ever going to get together? this is playing out that way. after a while, i got sick and tired of it. >> it went on for two shows too long. >> yeah, it did. i've had it. we've done this segment. i counted in the last two months, 48 times. in fact, what you're seeing right now is a repeat of the segment because we're outside smoking. >> so here is the thing for you, eric, what if chris christie, the governor of new jersey,
2:41 pm
says, hey, i'm your man? because now a lot of establishment republicans, back to what i was arguing about, republicans wagging the -- the tail wagging the dog, the establishmen republicans are not comfortable with rick perry. they don't think that romney is able to get traction with the tea party types. but chris christie, oh, they like him. >> i think if romney starts to trail off and maybe chris christie would jump in and likewise, i think sarah palin will wait to see what happens with rick perry. if rick perry stays strong, continues to lead, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for her to jump in because they're both fiscal conservatives, further right than romney. if perry were to start to slide, that would create an opening for sarah palin. >> i think this poll says a lot more about president obama than sarah palin because in some ways america is saying, we'll take somebody different. so i think in the poll, a serious poll -- she does benefit
2:42 pm
from not having necessarily to be actually running. so she wins the prize for best backdrop, a great president. she's -- she doesn't have all of the policy development and the questions coming at her and doesn't have to debate. >> no, she doesn't have to debate anybody. >> she can still get that kind of thing. that's why i -- >> she's constantly in the news. if it isn't this crazy book about her, it's a documentary. she is like the most politically charged person -- >> she probably created a lot more jobs than president obama. >> it could be. >> she also is sitting right now where rick perry was before he got into the race. remember there was the first gop debate that he sat out. >> but now there is a poll about texans' attitudes toward their own governor and guess what? he's more unpopular in texas than he is popular! >> we should point out that this poll, unlike the maris poll, the public policy polling is quite -- comes at it from quite
2:43 pm
the left. >> but it's not il legitimate. >> a lot of republican governors, walker of wisconsin, scott of florida, and another example, they have made some really tough decisions and -- >> they're not popular. >> they're not, but their numbers are starting to go up because their decisions are starting to have results. i think in some ways you can't be -- >> but they're not helping with the jobs side. >> he's spending a lot of time out of the state. he's done great things in the state, but now -- >> but when bush did it, bush's numbers went up. coming up, a former navy secretary unleashing political correctness, saying it's hindering our navy. so has it gone too far, this political correctness? "the five" will give you our opinions on that next.
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>> welcome back to "the five." this next talker comes from
2:48 pm
washington times piece and a lot of people are asking has political correctness gone too far? former navy secretary john leeman sending shock waves through the u.s. military by saying that too much political correctness is actually sinking the navy. greg, i read the whole piece through and i think he makes very politically incorrect, but very important point which is that from the 1991 tailhook scandal, the navy had enormous pressure, particularly from democrats in congress, to kind of take out the frat boy style that gave us top gun and helped us to win wars like world war ii and the vietnam war, engaged in that kind of combat. and that's the kind of style that we need from the navy aviators and now because of pc, they're all stripped down basically to shy retiring types. >> this might be kind of a remember the good old days kind of thing you might get from an old fogy. but i will say this, the purpose of the military is to protect
2:49 pm
our nation. the purpose of the politically correct movement is to protect our feelings. these are incapacityible. the military's designed to be an efficient killing machine. if that efficient killing machine is a jerk, great. if he's a nice guy who can't shoot straight, that's bad. so i think -- i don't like our military being used as a social experiment. however, our military, these people are great. they could probably roll with it better than we could. but i still think it's unfair to put them through -- >> wait a minute. >> you find the most equality, actually. >> absolutely. so i'm very suspicious. oh, we're allowing gays in the military and here he comes to say, oh, don't do that. women can't shoot straight? i don't think so. >> i will say this, there has to be distinction made here. don't ask, don't tell, it's over. it's great. if you want to serve our country, doesn't matter, who, what, you should.
2:50 pm
but you can't for a minute believe it's a good idea to put win in combat situations because other countries aren't going to do that. it's like deciding that you're -- >> other countries do that. >> imagine if your favorite football team decided to put women in the back field. do you think other football teams will do the same thing? no. they're going to beat the hell out of you. >> to be fair to secretary leeman -- >> wait, wait. >> hold up. >> how does that work? >> putting women on the battlefield is like putting women on a professional football team. the other teams don't have to do that. >> you two are going to have to apologize. that's a different thing. guys, i need to make it really clear because you're sort of piling on secretary leeman. i read the whole piece and what he said was integrating gays and women into these roles should be done, but without compromising our combat readiness. so let's be fair to him. >> they can't be a frat boy on a submarine in close quarters with women, you got to behave yourselves. >> why not?
2:51 pm
>> what? >> women can be rowdy, too, juan. >> they have to worry about what they say in a submarine when their lives are on the line and they may get shot and blown up and out of the water? >> in the private sector, you can't go around and say thing. >> it's not the private sector. that's the whole thing. >> i know. all i know is that the only person that is involved in this show that never got the pc memo is bob beckel. >> and he doesn't care. unapologetic about it. in some ways you think, why should he apologize for this or that. and maybe we are too overly sensitive. but i think, oh, you can't say that. >> he says pilots constantly worry about anonymous complaints about salty language. >> but that's why you have hr departments. >> really? please. >> this gets to greg's point. the military's job is to fight and kill the enemy if necessary. it's not about social engineering. you're not supposed to watch every word. they're not on television. they don't have to watch their
2:52 pm
words and you want grizzled, swaggering guys and gals doing these kind of combat operations in defense of the united states and they shouldn't have to be watching every word that comes out of their mouth. >> watch that salty language, juan. >> i'm just saying, you want them to be a cohesive unit. you don't want women feeling intimidated and threatened. >> when i talk to guys in the military, they always tell me how brutal they are to each other. the kinds of insults. they are the least sensitive people when it comes to a unit. they love ripping on each other. that's something that a private sector and academia do not understand. >> so in a locker room, juan, there is a female reporter in a locker room. the football players have to, like, be careful what they say? >> that's true. >> and and wear a toil. >> that's true. isn't that true? that's with the jets last year. >> they had a locker room. >> you take away a woman reporter's right to work?
2:53 pm
>> coming up, the photo that has the white house wishing they could turn back the hands of time. stay with us. "the five" coming right back. @=
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2:57 pm
>> welcome back to "the five." the citizenship of a newborn boy is being questioned after his mom gave birth aboard a flight. the woman was flying from the philippines to the u.s. when the baby was born. but here is the problem, he was born over international waters about four hours out of san francisco. greg? >> very simple solution. it is not of the earth. it was not born on this earth. it was in the atmosphere. therefore, it is a space alien. >> an alien? >> yes. >> name? >> i don't know. i got nothing. [ laughter ] why are you asking for more? >> here it is. 200 miles out of international waters? >> right. an immigration study says if a baby is born over the open ocean, their citizenship belongs to the parents.
2:58 pm
>> i say give him american citizenship. i think that -- >> what? >> give him american citizenship. why not? >> he was born -- >> you can't -- n build a fence around the plane. >> i like greg's idea. >> if you're born in an american, like, ship, flying under an american flag, no matter where in the world, you're an american. >> if you're born on a qantas flight, you're immediately a koala bear. >> take a look at this. this is our commander in chief during a photo op at the u.n. yesterday. the president once again thought he was the only one that matters and waved during the photo, blng one lesson learned here? the president isn't as transparent as he thinks. it that or is it i'm going to watch "the five"? >> maybe that's it.
2:59 pm
thank you. that is so kind of you. the thing is, those group shots, you remember them from family reunions, high school. they're terrible. and imagine if everybody speaks a different language and you're all trying to get them together and it doesn't look photo shopped, but check it out. >> you thought this was photo shopped. >> see the guy in the second row? he owes me 40 bucks. >> president of mongolia right there. juan, he watches "the five." that's the good news here. >> thank you. >> we're going to have to leave it there. that's it for us tonight. we'll see you. welcome to the orange county convention center in orlando, florida where in just 27

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